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We invite you to join our efforts to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all District 285 students.  To read a message from our School Health Services Facilitator and Certified School Nurse, Dona Merrell, click the Welcome Letter link, below.


2019-2020 Welcome Letter: 

School Nurse Contact Information


  • Dona Merrell, RN  Facilitator, School Health Services & Certified School Nurse



In an effort to adhere to Idaho laws regarding school immunizations, as well as to provide a healthy environment for our students, we have provided the following resources about school immunizations.


Immunization Guide, K-12


As required by Section 27-8.1 of the IDAHO School Code, the annual District Immunization Summary for Potlatch School District 285 may be viewed from the Idaho State Board of Education under "Immunizations" at this link

Services We Provide

Our Student Handbook details the services we provide in the School Health Services department.


For complete information on the services we provide, and the resources for your use, click on the Student Handbook link.

 2019-2020 Jr-Sr High School Handbook 

You’ll find health related information in the sections on pages 4, 5, 8, 9, and 25.


Each student in the Potlatch School District must submit a Student Medical History Form. Please click the Student Medical History Form, open it, print it, and return to your student’s school.

The information provided to the school on this form allows us to develop individualized care plans for your student, should those be needed.  It also keeps us informed of any health concerns you may have so we may better address the needs of our students.  This information is kept extremely confidential.

 Click here to open Student Medical History Form

Other services we offer:

  • Individual care plans addressing allergic reactions and chronic health conditions

  • Medication management

  • Vision and hearing screening

  • “Growing Up” classes

  • Counseling services

Medications in School


We will need a signed “Medication Authorization” form for any medications to be given to your child here at school.  This form will also need to be signed by your medical provider for all prescription medications with dosage instructions. All medications, including over the counter meds, such as Tylenol or allergy medicine, need to be provided in the original container along with the “Medication Authorization” form signed by the parent/guardian with instructions for dosage and frequency of use.


Please click on the Medical Authorization Form, print, sign and return to your student’s school.


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